Welcome to Shaktiweaver

Please enjoy exploring the threads that are running through my life.

I am passionate about nature particularly for its nurturing gifts, beauty and healing powers. I have been making, sharing and taking flower essences for over 15 years and have been meaning to write about them for way too long. The ones for procrastination must have stayed on the shelf!

I love getting up close to flowers, focussing on their form and colour with my camera. It allows a complete immersion in their world for a while. If I can commnicate some of the magic I feel when im in this space in the photographs then im pleased, be it in print on cards or canvasses or just online.

This last year I have been rather taken with branch weaving. It is so relaxing, it eases me out of thinking and brings me such joy as the new  “growth” appears. My partner says I go a certain kind of quiet when im doing it. The branch  leads me to what colours and textures to use and how to work with its shape.  I like to add crystals and stones, feathers and dried flowers and they seem to have a talisman dream catcher feel to them when they are finished. I am delighted when someone asks me to make one for them with a particular place or purpose in mind.

I have had ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a long time and whilst pursuing answers and remedies for this have experienced recovered body trauma memories and a spontaneous kundalini awakening. This has led to exploring many spiritual and alternative modalities. I hope by sharing about this it may bring some comfort to anyone going through something similar.