Oatstraw Infusions for Increased Wellbeing

These are a real go to for me and if I slack from taking it I notice a real difference in my well being. I am in my fifties with a long history of chronic fatigue syndrome and a hot nervous system caused by a spontaneous kundalini awakening. When taking it I feel more mellow and upbeat, I think its the soothing quality of the oats aswell as the density of minerals and B vitamins which make the difference.  Its easy to make and I like the earthy flavour, I like it cold when the weather is warm but in wonter I have it warm with a spoon full of honey.

Just take a scoop of oatstraw in a litre jug or mason jar and pour a cup of cold on them then top up with boiling water onto them. The idea is that the temperature doesnt go over 85 degrees as it can spoil the nutritional content. I leave it overnight and then drink throughout the next day.

Apparently its ready after 4 hours and I do top up with a morning infusion ready to drink by early afternoon when inadvertently I have run low on it.

It also contains steroidal saponins which are supportive to the liver and pancreas. My legs are known to go into spasms and the calcium and magnewsium in the infusion directly addresses this.

I forget how I first came across the idea of taking the infusion, I think it was when I was on a roll taking nettles everyday, however it was I am glad I did and I am glad I had Susan Weed as an onlibe reference about it


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