Rose Petal Water

Rose Water Infusion for drinking

This week  has been all about the roses.  They were looking so beautiful with the different varieties in my garden coming into peak bloom together.  Seemingly they are more abundant than last year. Previously, I have picked them  for fresh hot tea and to float in my bath. Never before have I made a cold water 2 day infusion.

Its so simple, pick fresh petals from the flower. Discard any bruised or brown ones. Clean off little bugs who  crawl in the centre and amongst tightly layered petals. Immerse the petals in water, when submerged, twice water to petals by volume. Make sure they are submerged and fully wet. I then put a plate to cover the bowl and thats it. Leave for 48 hours and then pour through a sieve to collect the infused water. I like it chilled. Wow, its fragrant fresh, just divine! I love it. I found myself saying.. “Why havent I done this before?.. Why?” I was really missing out. No more! I have had a pint of it every day this week. I sed different colours wither mixed together and then a batch with single colours. it fn doing taste trials to test the palette.

I will add, all the roses are unsprayed and well established, very important to use organic roses. I wouldnt ever trust store bought cut roses for this process.

I notice I feel really cheery afterwards but gentled too.

I am waiting to hear back from a professional herbalist to find about how many of the nutrients from the petals are extracted with this method.  It keeps for about a week in the fridge, longer if its made into a distillate. I looked the method up for this and it involved a brick in foil in a big pan with an upside down lid with ice on.  For me right now thats ounds way too much hassle. I will give an update when I know more about the healing potential of taking it in this cold water infusion form.

I have read that the rosewater has an astringent cooling effect on the skin and can be sprayed directly onto the skin and it can be good for conditions where there is inflammation.


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