Sage – the Saviour

I was so glad I bumped into an old friend of mine who shared what success she had had taking Sage for her hot flushes which had been keeping her awake at night and that she told me to persist taking it for 6 weeks before making a judgemnet as to whether it was helping. I was getting a sauna style sweat every hour or so in the day and being woken in the night with them too, throwing off hte covers. i was reaching for a new wardrobe – ok yes any excuse! but no really I was needing layers easy to pull on and off as it was like being in different climates within seconds. I am more than happy to share that they have all but stopped. I think I noticed a difference after three weeks, I only ocassionally get a hint of how they were before I started.

I am taking a few other things regularly like fish oils and evening primrose oil flower essence and pine pollen powder but thats for another post and I am confident enough to feel that the sage has been a major player in this change of the menopausal symptoms to give it a bug thumbs up.

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